Remote desktop (disambiguation)

Remote Desktop ( from the English for " remote desktop ", or remote control ) is a term that is used differently. From all known uses of the term, the Common limited to the generic term " remote access with graphic media surface." In general, is understood to be remote desktop remote maintenance access. Remote access may be possible via Intranet, ie via a local area network (LAN ) or the internet.

This remote access can occur in two very different game types. The most common misunderstanding example is a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP ) from Microsoft ) versus Apple Remote Desktop ( ARD): While Microsoft understands by a terminal session with his RDP, ie the user logs on to a terminal server that understands Apple with its ARD including a simple remote maintenance access for support purposes for common live help with the user or software recordings. This type of remote desktop is also aptly known as " screen sharing ".

Remote Desktop Apps

Using remote desktop apps can be accessed stationary desktop computer and control when on the move. There are apps for Android and iOS systems available. The advantage over cloud-based solutions is the easy setup, especially when accessing multiple devices are to be set up.