A replica is a custom-built after an original or model work. Similar meaning in different contexts have a copy, replica and replica.


Representational can be understood under different replica. For example, a possibly altered art or an object with the aim of reconstructing art historical contexts. A mock -up; a mechanically reproduced object or counterpart; an image. There are replicas of body parts from the animal and plant world as well as by humans. These replicas sometimes used as " phantoms " are used, for example, the philosophical and / or model-like explanation of content relationships in the classroom. Phantoms, the physical properties ( such as absorption properties and scattering properties of a biological tissue ) mapping may be used for simulations. As an example, the water phantom was called. On the island of Texel is a replica of a moai.

In the automotive industry it is meant often with modern technology with replica of the original as possible replica of a particular vehicle or vehicle model. " Historically, " looking vehicles with no particular model is called Neo - Classics.

Special replicas

  • Props are often replicas of original objects
  • Münzreplikat

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