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Location of Repperndorf in Bavaria

Townscape of Repperndorf with St.Laurentiuskirche

Repperndorf is a district of the Lower Franconian district town of Kitzingen in Bavaria.


The village three kilometers west distant from the town center is crossed by Repperndorfer Mühlbach, which opens in Kitzingen in the Main. Also on the boundary is the marriage Rieder mill on marriage Rieder Mühlbach east of Kaltensondheim. Repperndorf was to the state road from Nuremberg to Würzburg, which is still attested to by the street name Old National Highway. Today the route of the Federal Road 8 passes right by the building area.


The place was mentioned as Fronhof of the Benedictine monastery of Kitzingen for the first time in the 11th century. With this, it was 1544 in the possession of the Margraviate of Brandenburg -Ansbach over. The Marquis broke in its function as a pledge masters of the town of Kitzingen the monastery on. As part of the re- cashing Repperndorf was an important part of the former monastery back to the Bishopric of Würzburg. With this, it was constructed in 1803 first Bavarian Elector, Grand Duke of würzburgisch 1806, and in 1814 part of the Kingdom of Bavaria. Since the municipal reform, which took effect on 1 January 1978, Repperndorf is a district of Kitzingen and has about 700 inhabitants. Before rising after 1945 immigration of Foreign the number of inhabitants was stable at approximately 500 ( 1933: 463 ).


  • Protestant Church of St. Lawrence
  • Cemetery with stone arcades and Renaissance cemetery pulpit

Similar systems can still be found in Marktsteft, Main Bernheim, Wiesenbronn, Abtswind and Prichsenstadt.

Economy and infrastructure

The viticulture, which played a very important role in earlier times, is still highly influential in part, the place, which is reflected about the annual wine festival or in the built outside the town center of the region - wine cooperative francs ( GWF ). A wine and nature trail also provides information to interested visitors about the subject.

The water supply was taken over by the light, power and water plants Kitzingen (truck ) after the incorporation in 1978.


Both SPD and CSU are represented by its own local association or local chapter.


The TSV Jahn Repperndorf eV maintains several departments, of which the football department is the most active.