Republican National Convention

The Republican National Convention (RNC ) is an every four -yearly meeting to nominate the candidate of the Republican Party for election to the U.S. president and set the party program. The first Republican National Convention took place in 1854 in Jackson, Michigan instead. The Republican National Convention 2008 was held in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 2012, it was officially opened on 27 August at the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. At this congress Mitt Romney was officially appointed as presidential candidate of the Republicans.

The equivalent of the Democratic Party, the Democratic National Convention. These meetings correspond in their task to the federal party congress of the German parties, however, are clearly staged media attention and therefore get more attention. The meetings end traditionally with the speech of the presidential candidates and the baloon drop, a balloon and confetti fireworks, which rains down on the Assembly visitors.

Number of delegates by state

The number of delegates by state for the Republican National Convention is set out in Regulation 13 of the party statutes: