Republican Stadium, Yerevan

FC Pjunik Yerevan, FC Ulisses Yerevan

  • Games of FC Ulisses Yerevan and Yerevan Pjunik
  • Games of the Armenian national football team

The Wasken Sargsyan Hanrapetakan Stadium (Armenian: Հանրապետական ​​մարզադաշտ, German: Wasken Sargsyan Republican Stadium ) is a football stadium in the Armenian city of Yerevan. The football clubs FC Ulisses Yerevan Pjunik Yerevan and FC play their home games in this stadium.


The construction of the stadium started in 1937 and opened a year later. After the Second World War, it was expanded. The original name was " Dynamo " stadium, after Armenia's independence, it was in " Hanrapetakan stadium", dt: Republican Stadium renamed. After the death of Wasken Sargsyan in 1999 him, the stadium was named in honor. The stadium holds 14,968 spectators, the local clubs FC Ulisses Yerevan and FC Pjunik Yerevan and the Armenian national football team wear their games out there. In 1995, the first renovations were made, with the financial support of this UEFA cost three million U.S. dollars and in 2000, the renovations were completed. 2008 we expanded the stadium with a modern play area and VIP area to meet the guidelines of the UEFA Stadium.