Resource (Windows)

The resource (English resource) software are the files that define not the sequence (algorithm) of the program, but the " background knowledge " save for the course. Resources, for example, dictionary files in translation programs or lists of names and characteristics of the individual characters in computer games.

While the actual computer program is written in a programming language, resources are usually simple text files or tables. The advantage is that they can be extended or modified even by people without programming knowledge. So you can for example be linguists as experts working on a dictionary as a resource for a translation program, without having to know much about the actual program.

Microsoft Windows

Resource code

Resource Code is used as a scripting language in the development of programs under OS / 2 and Windows to define elements of the graphical user interface and text constants. This allows a separation between program code and user interface can be achieved.

Rc file

A resource file (resource script file) contains one or more resource expressions (resource statements ), each identifying the type identifier and the data value. This is an ordinary text file with the extension *. RC, where additional files can be integrated.

MENU 1 BEGIN    MENUITEM " menu item 1 ", 101    MENUITEM " menu item 2 ", 102 END Resource Compiler

The resource compiler compiles resource files (*. RC) in binary resource files (*. RES). These translated resources can also executable files (*. EXE) or dynamic link libraries (*. DLL) to be added.