The Federal Sociedade Anonima speech Ferroviária ( RFFSA ) was a Brazilian state railway company. She used both passenger and freight transport.


The Federal Sociedade Anonima speech Ferroviária was established from 42 individual companies (some of existed only on paper) in 1957. The establishment of the RFFSA based on the Brazilian Law No. 3115, Article 7, where the tasks of the company were established and updated again with Law No. 6,171 of 1974.

The aim of the foundation was to promote rail transport in Brazil and to create a comprehensive network of routes in all five regions of Brazil. This goal has not been reached, as only four of the five regions were served. For example, the [ ferrovia Paulista SA] ( FEPASA ) in the state of São Paulo in 1998 was integrated into the RFSSA - at a time when the privatization of RFSSA was already in full swing.

In the 80s and 90s, the need for investment in the Brazilian state railway was not covered, so that the mid-nineties a significant investment backlog was present. This was one reason for the privatization of RFFSA.

Between 1996 and 1998 over 22,000 km Railway line (73% of total public railway line in Brazil ) would be privatized. The private buyer signed by purchasing a license for the operation of the rail system with a maturity of 30 years. With the privatization an investment of 2.1 billion U.S. dollars was intended to modernize the railway and expand. After this phase, the privatization RFFSA was liquidated starting with the resolution of the shareholders dated 17 December 1999. On 31 May 2007 the process was completed and committed to the Law No. 11,485.

Connected railway companies

The following railway companies formed the Sociedade Anonima speech Ferroviária Federal:

  • Estrada de Ferro Madeira - Mamoré
  • Estrada de Ferro de Bragança
  • Estrada de Ferro São Luís Teresina
  • Estrada de Ferro Central do Piauí
  • Speech de Viação Cearense
  • Estrada de Ferro Mossoró - Sousa
  • Estrada de Ferro Sampaio Correia
  • Speech Ferroviária do Nordeste
  • Viação Férrea Federal do Leste Brasileiro
  • Estrada de Ferro Bahia - Minas
  • Estrada de Ferro Leopoldina
  • Estrada de Ferro Central do Brasil
  • Speech Mineira de Viação
  • Estrada de Ferro de Goiás
  • Estrada de Ferro Santos Jundiaí a
  • Estrada de Ferro Noroeste do Brasil
  • Speech de Viação Paraná - Santa Catarina
  • Estrada de Ferro Dona Teresa Cristina

In 1998, finally, the ferrovia Paulista SA ( FEPASA ) has yet been adopted.