Riaba is a city in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea on the island of Bioko. It lies on the east coast of the island in the province of Bioko Sur and is the capital of the district Riaba.

2005, Riaba had 1071 inhabitants, making it the fifth-largest city on the island of Bioko. In 1983, lived in Riaba only about 200 people ..

The city was founded in 1779 as Concepción, it was the first capital of the island. Beginning of the 20th century began, battle -ready cattle from the highlands to drive to Moka at the beach of Riaba and ship from here to Malabo. With the renaming wave after independence it was called Riaba after a chief of the Bubi.


The city can be reached by car from Malabo on a south-east over Rebola and Baney leading road. From here there is a further connection by Luba on the west coast. Just north of town is the bridge opened in 1973 COPE, with their outlook is a sight Biokos.