Richarno Colin

(Louis) Rich Arno Colin ( born July 17, 1987) is a Mauritian boxer. Colin is the winner of the Pan-African Games in 2011, winning the Africa Championships in 2011 and bronze medal winners of the Commonwealth Games 2010. Moreover, he was a participant of the Olympic Games in 2008 and 2012.


2006 Colin took the first time at an international championship, the Commonwealth Games in part, however, different in the featherweight ( 57kg - ) starting in the first round against Jason Hastie, Scotland ( 11:7 ), from. It was the same to him at the Commonwealth Championships in the following year, when he in the first fight to Kevin Bizier, Canada failed in the Light Welterweight ( - 64kg ), and the Pan-African Games in 2007, when he was in the preliminary round against Rachid Tariket, Algeria (RSC 3 ), lost. At the championships of the islands of the Indian Ocean in 2007 he was able to win the silver medal.

In 2008 he participated in the African Olympic Qualification tournament in Windhoek and was able to win, which he qualified in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games this. In the Olympics, Colin suggested in the first fight the Brazilian participants Myke Carvalho ( 15:11 ), but lost in the second against Gennadiy Kovalev, Russia ( 11:2 ).

Among the African Championships 2009 Colin won his first medal at international championships, when he won after two wins and a semi-final defeat against Nacerddine Filali, Algeria ( 7:4 ), the bronze medal. The 2009 World Championships went for Colin after a first round defeat against Levan Gvamichava, Georgia ( 21:9 ), not even better, but he was able to win the games of the Francophonie in Beirut this year.

After a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Championships 2010 Colin won the same placement at the Commonwealth Games 2010 by defeating Chris Jenkins, Wales (7:0), Luke Woods, Australia ( 8:3 ) and Philip Bowes, Jamaica ( 6:0 ) and a semi-final defeat against Bradley Saunders, England ( 10:7 ).

2011 Colin has been the most successful year after he had won the African Cup with a final win over Barag Sid Ali, Algeria ( 15:6 ) and decided the championship of the islands of the Indian Ocean for himself, he also won the Pan-African Games 2011. He hit it in the semifinals Gomotsang Gaasite, Botswana ( 16:4 ), and in the final Abderrazak Haouia, Tunisia ( 7:5 ).

As in 2008, Colin took in 2012 at the African Olympiaqulifikationsturnier in Casablanca and had some success this time and qualified for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

At the Olympics he beat in the first fight Abdelhak Aatanari, Morocco ( 16:10), against whom he had lost in the qualifying tournament, but lost in the second fight against the eventual bronze medalist Urantschimegiin monk - Erdene, Mongolia ( 15:12 ).

  • Boxer ( Mauritius)
  • Olympian (Mauritius)
  • Born in 1987
  • Man