RichFaces (fully JBoss RichFaces ) is the name of an extensive component library for JavaServer Faces ( JSF ), which can be rich client - based Java EE applications create (often called Web 2.0 applications ). It is based on the open- source framework Ajax4jsf and allows easy use of Ajax for the development of software for business applications.


Ajax4jsf Framework is extended by RichFaces in two ways:

  • It provides additional visual components for direct use available
  • It implements the skinnability feature of Ajax4jsf frameworks and contains a large number of ready-made skins.

RichFaces is different from other AJAX approaches through the pages - oriented AJAX support instead of the traditional component - oriented support. This means that an event that can trigger an AJAX request, and a portion of the page that will be updated after processing the AJAX request, can be set independently of the components contained in the page.

An alternative to RichFaces component library as a place Prime Faces, Apache MyFaces and ICEfaces dar.


RichFaces is like Ajax4jsf a freely available open source class library from JBoss, a division of Red Hat. Originally, however, it was Exadel, Inc. develops, but then in a strategic partnership with Red Hat JBoss open source community fed.