Rick Parfitt

Richard John Parfitt OBE ( born October 12, 1948 in Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom) is a singer and guitarist of the rock band Status Quo.


Parfitt was born in 1948 in Woking, south-west of London. During his education he discovered his musical talent. He first studied piano and later also play guitar. Early showed his skill to present themselves in public. He won several talent competitions and founded, together with the twin sisters Gloria and Jean Harrison, Ricky Harrison, the group The highlights.

He also worked for some time as a supervisor and animator in English holiday camps before he was discovered and booked regularly for smaller events. Parfitt Francis Rossi in 1965 learned to know and both became friends. In 1967, Parfitt Rossi's band Traffic Jam joined that had emerged from the Spectres. On this occasion, the name was changed to The Status Quo. The band is even today, with Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt as the core of the band. Rick Parfitt plays, as well as Francis Rossi, mainly on a Fender Telecaster.

1980 Parfitt lost his daughter Heidi, as this was drowned at the age of four years in the home swimming pool. In the years that followed his first marriage went with Marietta Boeker - Parfitt in the fractures. Alcohol and drug problems dominated the next few years.

With the reunion of the band Status Quo in 1986 Parfitt was able to overcome the problems. An interim solo project failed shortly before publication. Sporadically he sang as a guest musician on various projects. He is a partner in a Porsche dealership in London and collects cars in the higher price categories.

In 1995 he caused by alcohol and drugs in his Porsche in traffic accident. In 1997 he went with chest pain to the hospital where he received a quadruple bypass. Immediately after his recovery, followed again live performances. On December 8, 2005, a laryngeal disease was diagnosed in Parfitt. The first suspected it would involve laryngeal cancer, could be invalidated on 20 December 2005. Nevertheless, all the dates of the current status quo tour were canceled. From April 2006, he went on tour again, but first with limitations in his voice. Late 2011 and early 2012, Parfitt had to go to the hospital to let this put a stent again.

Appeared in 2008 under the title " Rick Parfitt 's Rhythm Method" a guitar course on DVD. A year later brought Parfitt together with the Australian artist Rolf Harris, the single " Christmas in the Sun " on the market.

December 31, 2009 Rick Parfitt was awarded the Order of the British Empire, as an Officer ( OBE).

Parfitt is called WOMORR (Wild Old Man Of Rock'n'Roll ). Today he lives with Lindsay, his third wife, in Marbella, Spain. He has three sons, Richard ( * 1975 ), Harry (* 1988) and Tommy Oswald (* 2008), and a daughter, Lily Rose ( * 2008).


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