RJ and R. J. stands for:

  • R. J., American singer and rapper
  • RJ, Japan after the ICAO code
  • RJ, Manchester, License Plate ( UK )
  • RJ, indian license plate for Rajasthan
  • RJ, railjet, high-speed train of the Austrian Federal Railways
  • RJ, Rapperswil -Jona, abbreviated name
  • RJ, Registered Jack, standardized by the American FCC telephone cabling, plugs and sockets
  • RJ, Republican Youth, the youth organization of the conservative party, the Republicans, see The Republicans # Republican Youth
  • Reuss Younger Line, historic German vehicle registration
  • RJ, Rio de Janeiro ( state ), Brazil
  • RJ, Royal Jordanian, Jordanian airline after the IATA code
  • RJ, Red Youth Front, the youth organization of the Red Front Fighters' League ( SFL )

RJ as distinguishing signs on license plate:

  • UK: Reading
  • Norway: Stavanger in Rogaland county

Rj stands for:

  • Radio Jena, citizen radio in Thuringia
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