RJD2, actually Ramble Jon Krohn ( born May 27, 1976 in Eugene, Oregon ) is an American musician.


RJD2 is derived from his name " Ramble Jon" and the robot R2D2 from Star Wars. In 1998, " RJ " to Columbus, Ohio, and was the DJ hip- hop group Megahertz. After their debut album, his name became known. He received offers for successful remixes for artists such as Massive Attack. The Mixtape Release Your Face Or Your kneecaps he gave a foretaste of the forthcoming album Dead Ringer. A year later, in 2002, he made ​​his breakthrough in the hip- hop scene. The album was also the song Ghost Writer, which in several commercials in England and the USA, as well as in the films Wimbledon - Game, Set and ... Love and Couchgeflüster to hear ( remixed ) was or is. The Adidas Jose 10 commercial use his song De L' alouette. Because of his fingertip feeling for the mix of Funk-/Soul-Samples with hip- hop rhythms RJD2 has since become a renowned producer in the hip- hop scene, but mainly still in the underground.

On the 2004 release album Since We Last Spoke are increasingly rock music influences to hear pure hip- hop tracks such as with rappers, as on the previous missing completely. The Third Hand, published in 2007, on the other hand is a pop album, which was mostly recorded live. In addition, you can hear here RJD2 increased sing itself.

The song RJD2 A Beautiful Mine is the theme song of the emitted since 2007 American television series Mad Men


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