When prey is called in Criminology and Law an offense type, in which a property offense is committed by use of force.

  • 2.1 Captured sums
  • 2.2 Movies
  • 2.3 mythology and artistic processing

Legal families

Roman law

German legal system

Famous screw and cultural preoccupation with robbery

  • Salian church robbery
  • The big Postzugraub ( engl. The Great Train Robbery ) is the name of the attack on a mail train, the near Mentmore in Buckinghamshire occurred on August 8, 1963 at the Bridego Railway Bridge in Ledburn in England.
  • Art theft of the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt 1994

Captured sums

The attempt in November 2000 to steal the twelve most expensive diamonds in the world in London, the Millennium Dome was not successful. The prey would have been worth 500 million euros.

Successful robberies:

  • 413 million hardly salable securities in the City of London in 1990
  • 100 million in property values ​​in Antwerp 2003
  • 80 million jewelry and diamonds in the Netherlands ( Schiphol) 2005
  • 57 million cash in Fortaleza ( Brazil), 2005
  • 38 million cash in Belfast ( Northern Ireland) 2004


  • The Great Train Robbery ( Original title: The Great Train Robbery ) is a twelve -minute American film from 1903, which is considered the first Western movie history.
  • The Rape of the Mona Lisa is a musical comedy film from the year 1931.
  • The Rape of the Goddess of Spring (Original Title: The Goddess of Spring ) is an animated film the Walt Disney Company from the year 1934.
  • The Rodeo robbery is an American Western directed by Lewis Cullen from the year 1935.

Mythology and artistic processing

  • Rape of the Sabines of the mythological " Rape of the Sabine Women" shortly after the founding of the city of Rome
  • Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus is a arisen around 1618 painting by Peter Paul Rubens. Arrested is the moment of the kidnapping of Hilaeira and Phoebe, the daughters of King Leucippus by the Dioscuri Castor and Pollux.