Robert Bateman (artist)

Robert Bateman (* 1842August 4, 1922 ) was an English artist, illustrator, sculptor and scholar.

He studied in the 1860s at the Royal Academy of Arts, and later was head of a group of inspired by Edward Burne -Jones artists. About this group is little known today.

His most famous works are The Dead Knight ( 1870) and The Pool of Bethesda (1877 ). The Dead Knight is now in a private collection, but there are a Replikt in the book The Last Romantics (1989). His artwork The Pool of Bethesda is located in the Yale Centre of British Art

Bateman married in 1883 the daughter of the Dean of Lichfeld and was a wealthy owners of land and real estate.

Illustrations in the 21st century

2004 used the Canadian author David Suzuki some of his illustrations in his book Tree: A Life Story, German: The Tree: A Biography.