The roll rate is the amount per unit time, in which the aircraft can roll about its longitudinal axis. Typically, the roll rate is specified in degrees per second, very rarely in rad / sec.

Aircraft with a good transverse stability have a low roll rate. For commercial aircraft, a stable secure straight flight is desired, the set after an aerodynamic disturbance without pilot intervention again. When fighter planes and aerobatic planes, the longitudinal stability of secondary importance. They are designed so that they have a good maneuverability, so they can change their bank, among others, as soon as possible. Art aircraft have a high roll rate. The Fiat G.91, the ailerons are relatively large to allow good maneuverability and high roll rate. Short wings (low range) reduce the inertial mass and also favor a high roll rate.

Roll rate of some aircraft

  • Yakovlev Yak - 55-330 ° / sec,
  • Yakovlev Yak -55 M - 420 ° / sec,
  • Sukhoi Su -26 M - 360 ° / sec,
  • Zivko Edge 540-420 ° / sec,
  • Cap 232-420 ° / sec,
  • Pitts Special S 1 S - 180 ° / sec,
  • Extra 300-380 ° / sec,
  • Extra 200-400 ° / sec,
  • Flight control