Roman Catholic Diocese of Rrëshen

Located in Albany Diocese Rrëshen (Latin: Dioecesis Rrësheniensis ) was formed on December 7, 1996 parts of the Archdiocese of Tirana - Durres and the area of the repealed Territorial Abbey Orosh. The 3463 km ² large diocese belongs to the Ecclesiastical Province of Tirana - Durres.

The new Episcopal Church Jesus Savior of the world in Rrëshen was consecrated on 9 November 2002.


First bishop was the Franciscan Angelo Massafra. As this 1998 Archbishop of Shkodra was, Father Cristoforo Palmieri CM administered the diocese as Apostolic Administrator and was on 23 November 2005 by Pope Benedict XVI. appointed bishop.

  • Abbots of the Territorial Abbey Orosh Prend Doçi (1888-1919) ( abbot of the Territorial Abbey )
  • Joseph Gionali ( Gjonali ) ( 1921-1928 ) and Titular Bishop of Callinicum dei Maroniti, afterwards Bishop of Sapa
  • Francesco Gjini (1930-1946), then Bishop of Lezha
  • Angelo Massafra OFM (1996-1998), afterwards Archbishop of Shkodra
  • Cristoforo Palmieri CM (1998-2005 Administrator, 2005 - present bishop)