Roman Catholic Territorial Prelature of Mission de France

The Mission de France ( full name prelature de la Mission de France ) is a Roman Catholic missionary society in France. The parent company in Pontigny heard as Territorialprälatur to any diocese.

Missionary Society

The Catholic institution founded in 1941 on the initiative of Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard ( 1874-1947 ) ( Prelate ), headquartered in Pontigny has set itself the task of France speak to evangelize anew. The mission, it is important to conduct a sincere and patient dialogue with all who are far from the Catholic faith. The establishment of the mission also marks the culmination of protracted departure of the French episcopate of tendencies of fundamentalism. Because ever since the Church in France to openly engage with that part of society that has been closed to Catholicism for historical and political reasons. Suhard wanted to speak with his initiative to tear down a wall, which seemed to keep the working world, the living quarters and many social movements of the Church.

The community of Mission belong to believers, priests, deacons and laity who devote themselves to this task.

The religious community in the true sense is also active in Algeria and in several Francophone countries.


The community, which in the village Pontigny has her mother's house and seminary, was born on August 15, 1954 by Pope Pius XII. awarded with the Apostolic Constitution Omnium ecclesiarum sollicitudo the status of a Territorialprälatur. The prelate is always the bishop of another diocese and for the Mission de France such thing as a Superior General.

The Territorialprälatur Pontigny consisted in 2002 of 840 Catholics and their pastors. It is subject to canon law the ecclesiastical province of Dijon.