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Rosmalen is a village in the municipality of 's- Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands with around 31,000 inhabitants.

The first written mention dates from the year 815 until his incorporation to 's- Hertogenbosch Rosmalen 1996 was a separate municipality.

In Rosmalen since 1990 finds the ATP 's- Hertogenbosch tennis tournament since 1996 and the WTA ' s- Hertogenbosch- tennis tournament, the only lawn tennis tournament in the Netherlands. In close proximity to the tournament grounds include the Autotron Automotive Museum.


Rosmalen is connected via the Tilburg -Nijmegen railway line to the Dutch railway network. The Rosmalen railway station is the second busiest station in the city of 's- Hertogenbosch.

The Dutch Autobanhnen A2 and A59 have exits in Rosmalen.

Sons and daughters

  • Caimin Douglas ( born 1977 ), sprinter
  • Pieter Engels ( born 1938 ), conceptual artist
  • Randy Thenu ( born 1984 ), football player
  • Annemarie Verstappen (born 1965 ), three -time medalist at the Olympic swimming competitions in 1984