Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (REP ) is an English-language philosophy encyclopedia. She is one of the most extensive and important reference works in philosophy. The editor is Edward Craig. In the first, published in 1998 by Routledge edition, it comprises 10 volumes. The more than 2,000 entries treat concepts as well as people and were created by over 1200 scientists. This edition is also available as a CD -ROM edition.

In addition to the priorities of the Anglo-American philosophy, the encyclopedia contains more than 400 articles for Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Tibetan, Jewish, Arab, Islamic, Russian, Latin American and African philosophy.

On the ten -volume work was followed by two one-volume editions: in 1999 published Concise Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy consists of the introductory summaries of the 2000 entries of the REP. The 2005 published Shorter Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains only 900 entries. However, these are more detailed than that of the Concise Routledge.

Since 2002, REP Online 2.0, which is based on the 10 - volume edition, however, is continuously updated and expanded. Some academic libraries, for example, the Berlin State Library, ask for their users a free remote access available, so that the online version can be used from home.


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