Roxio is a software provider that develops solutions for the collection, processing and archiving of digital media for the consumer market. Its headquarters company in Santa Clara and Los Angeles ( California). The European headquarters is located in Milton Keynes near London.

Company Profile and History

Roxio, was founded in September 2000 as a result of the removal of the software division of Adaptec ( a manufacturer of adapter solutions headquartered in Milpitas, California). In May 2001 Roxio became a public limited company.

With the acquisition of MGI Software and remains of Napster in 2002, and the acquisition of PressPlay in May 2003 Roxio invested early on in the market for legal music downloads. The aim was to increase through the increased online availability of digital music sales of Roxio's CD and DVD products. Despite its highly successful software solutions for the consumer market but then Roxio recorded heavy losses and its stock market value dropped rapidly. As a result, Roxio's software division in 2004 was sold to Sonic Solutions and outsourced the online music sector and under the name of Napster, Inc. to go public. Sonic Solutions was up to this time, the leading developer of professional DVD authoring systems (Sonic Scenarist and Sonic DVD Producer).

For Roxio, the acquisition meant indeed the end of just four years of independence, but at the same time it also meant the rescue of the financial quagmire.

Mid- January 2012, Corel Corporation was known to take over all Roxio programs and the company behind it Rovi Corporation.

Today Roxio employs more than 500 people worldwide.


  • MyDVD - software for creating video and photo CDs and DVDs.
  • RecordNow! - Tool for organizing, optimizing and burning music CDs.
  • Backup MyPC Deluxe - application for data backup, recovery and compression.
  • DVDit / DVDit Pro - Semi- professional or professional DVD authoring application.
  • Creator - Comprehensive tool for recording / digitizing video and music material; Video editing, and copying and burning CDs and DVDs.
  • Easy DVD Copy - Allows you to copy movies to DVD, PSP and iPod Video.
  • Photo Suite - application for organizing, photo correction, and to create photo CDs and DVDs.
  • VideoWave - application for video editing and production.
  • The Boom Box - software package to digitize and optimize music for iPod.
  • Toast Titanium - Extensive application for burning and copying CDs and DVDs in different formats.
  • Toast with Jam - Toast with an additional tool for music editing and optimization.
  • Popcorn - software for creating DVD copies and converting videos to be able to view, for example, on your iPod, PSP or a DivX handheld.


Creator ≤ 3.8 and Windows XP

Creator was originally a product of CeQuadrat, but in 1999 at the software division of Adaptec ( Roxio later ) was sold. The first version, which comes from Roxio was Creator 3.8 from the year 2000. With the release of Windows XP in 2001, a patch for Easy Media Creator 3.8 was necessary because an incompatibility of Easy Media Creator version ≤ 3.8 after installation made ​​the Windows operating system unusable.

But when in 2001 the new version of Easy Media Creator 5 appeared, the ability to download this bugfix for 3.8 Creator disappeared. This fact came just in view of the fact that many CD and DVD burners were sold during this period with an OEM version of Easy Media Creator 3.8, a lot of criticism on the part of customers. Because if a customer had bought such a burner and then wanted to upgrade to Windows XP, so this made ​​the new operating system Windows XP virtually useless without the patch, which was now no longer available.

The conjecture suggests that the Roxio patch is no longer offered to boost the sales of the new version of Easy Media Creator 5 because one of the touted new features was the Windows XP compatibility.

Affected individuals were meanwhile good news: by the end of 2005 until the end of 2008 provided for Roxio Easy Media Creator 6 Power Edition free licenses.