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A purveyor is a company that enjoys special privileges for supply of goods and the provision of services to a / m yard. In monarchies, the system exists to this day, as in the UK, Thailand, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. In some countries, such as in the Netherlands, it is at the awarding of the title " purveyor " a distinction that can be awarded irrespective of the delivery of the Court's long-established companies across the country that certain other conditions, as a certain age, criminal record, the proposal of the local mayor, meet.

The award of the prize purveyor had advantages not only for the supplier. The monarchy guaranteed (or insured) in return by this labeling system to support the ruling bourgeois commercial and industrial enterprises.

Austria - Hungary

See k.u.k. purveyor


  • Joseph Reitmayer, photo studio, Tegernsee ( at the same time Herzoglich Bavarian court photographer )


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  • Carl oven, Photographer, Schönbergerstraße 10, Bensheim on the mountain road
  • C. H. Busch, Potsdam
  • Farina opposite, purveyor 1866 HRH Grand Duke Ludwig III. of Hesse
  • August filler, Photographer, Hardtstraße 31, Worms
  • Adam Rackles, cider, Frankfurt am Main
  • F. Tellgmann, Hofphotograph Eschwege Hersfeld Bad Sooden
  • Hugo Thiele, Hofphotograph royally. Saxon. Hof -Photograph and Hofphotograph I. d d queen Netherlands, Ik D Highness Duchess v. Albany, p k d Highness the Landgrave of Hesse v., p d Highness Duke of Passau,

S. Highness Prince von Waldeck -Pyrmont d. , Kaiser Strasse 29, Frankfurt am Main


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Hohenzollern ( -Sigmaringen, Hechingen )

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Lippe Detmold

  • Hugo Julius, court photographer
  • Farina opposite - 1843 purveyor of His Highness Prince Paul Alexander Leopold of Lippe

Mecklenburg ( - Güstrow -Schwerin, -Strelitz )

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  • Farina over 1846 purveyor of His Highness Duke Adolph of Nassau


  • Johannes Wilhelm Carl Eckhardt, dry cleaning, Oldenburg
  • Publisher Ad. Littmann, Oldenburg
  • Steel products Adalbert Heinrich Zimmer, Oldenburg
  • Home Textiles Ullmann, Oldenburg
  • Stedinger dairy cooperative
  • Schlosscafé Rastede

German Empire


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  • Ad. Hartmann, Hofphotograph, Franz -Str. 25, Dessau
  • Court workshop Pieperhoff, Old Ulrichstr. 14, Magdeburg, multiple awards
  • Francis Kohn, Court Photographer, His Highness the Duke of Anhalt Zerbst
  • Franz grains, farm photographer, Duke Wilhelmstrasse. 51, Zerbst Roslau a same
  • Julius Nary, Court Photographer, Carl Platz 29, Bernburg
  • Ed. v. Spoenla, Court Photographer, Leopoldstr. 9, Coeten

Saxe-Coburg and Gotha

  • Wilhelm Feyler - purveyor 1907 ( Bavarian gingerbread and pastries Manufactory ) Her Imperial and Royal Highness Duchess Marie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Grand Duchess of Russia
  • Carl Grasser - Supplier of His Royal Highness Philip, Duke of Saxe-Coburg -Gotha
  • Rudolf Sommerhuber - Royal since 1910 Supplier of His Highness Prince Ludwig of Saxe- Coburg -Gotha
  • Ferd. Zinck, Herzogl. Hof -Photograph, Knapp Street and Upper Avenue, Hildburghausen


  • Farina over 1848 purveyor of His Highness Bernhard Erich friend Duke of Saxe Meiningen
  • Josef Pichler & Sons - Ducal Saxony- Meiningen'schen court hatter, Graz
  • L. Otto Weber, court photographer, Castle Square, mine

Saxe-Weimar -Eisenach

  • Farina opposite - Grand Ducal Saxon purveyor for Eau de Cologne 1855 His Royal Highness Charles Alexander Grand Duke of Saxe Weimar
  • Hahn's successor, Hofphotograph, Ferdinand Strasse 11, Dresden
  • Sektkellerei GC Kessler & Co. (now Kessler Sekt GmbH & Co. KG ) in Esslingen am Neckar
  • HR Pfretzschner - Grand Ducal Saxon purveyor
  • Josef Worda - Uniform and Civil Schneider

Schaumburg -Lippe

  • Chocolate manufacturing Carl Meinecke, Steinhude
  • Delicatessen Carl Frerichs, Minden - purveyor of His Serene Highness the Prince of Schaumburg -Lippe since 1894
  • Printing J. F. Karthaus, Bonn
  • Tea shop F. J. Seeger, Hannover


  • J. Kösler Royal Hofphotograph, [Bad Landeck ]

Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt

From Prince of Schwarzburg- Rudolstadt the title of the purveyor to the court was awarded to

  • F. J. Seeger, Hannover


Since the early 20th century, the king of Württemberg the purveyor to the court awarded a special coat of arms, on the left of the black crest holder his gaze turns to the viewer.

  • Paul Bertler, jeweler since 1912
  • Farina opposite, purveyor of the King of Württemberg, Eau de Cologne - 1868 SM King Charles I.
  • Grieshaber, chocolate, Stuttgart
  • Hartwig & Vogel, chocolate and cocoa factory
  • Court Pharmacy, Stuttgart
  • L. Kauffmann, Court Photographer, Behind the Kurhaus, Bad Creuznach
  • GC Kessler & Co., sparkling wine ( champagne today Kessler GmbH & Co. KG ) in Esslingen am Neckar, since 1881
  • Pfeiffer, wings and piano factory, Stuttgart
  • C. Ruf, Court Photographer, owner of Zähringerplatz lion and the Order of the Golden Medal for Art and Science, Kaiserstr. 5 and Ludwigstr. 2, Freiburg
  • Edward Schultze, Company: Max Koegel, " court photographer of his Majesty the King of Württemberg d ", Plöck - Straße 79, Heidelberg
  • " Samson ," Civil Budweis brewery
  • Paul devil, royally. Purveyor ( Lithograph ), Stuttgart
  • Theodore Krumm ( Tekrum ) since 1912
  • Theodore Zwicker ( the Elder. ), Haberdasher, Constance

Great Britain

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  • Johann Maria Farina opposite the Jülich Square
  • Sigmund River
  • C. M. Frank
  • Ibach ( company )
  • Julius Kwizda of high star
  • Lohner -Werke
  • Bernard Jerome Ludwig
  • M. Welte & Söhne
  • Wilhelm Schimmel Piano Factory


  • Felix Chopin, bronze casters
  • Farina compared with 1843 Eau de Cologne
  • K & S Popoff (tea )
  • Fabergé ( goldsmith and jeweler )
  • Smirnoff ( vodka)
  • Russo - Baltique ( Automobile)
  • Pavel Akimov Ovchinnikov ( silversmith, Moscow)
  • Grachev (diamonds, Saint-Petersburg)
  • Bankhaus Mendelssohn
  • Jelissejew ( delicatessen )
  • Lomonosov Porcelain Factory
  • Louis Roederer ( Champagne )
  • Johann Jakob Weitbrecht, typographer and music shop in St. Petersburg


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Ottoman Empire

  • M. Welte & Söhne