Ruacana Falls

The Ruacana Falls designate a waterfall of the Namibian- Angolan border river Kunene, of more than 120 meters deep drops here in the rainy season in a 700 meter wide gorge.

Your name carry the cases after the opportune nearby county town Ruacana. Directly at the waterfall are two hydroelectric power plants. One of which was built in the 1970s and is the largest power station in Namibia and provides large parts of Namibia and Angola with energy.

Through the use of river water for power generation offers the waterfall, although the Kunene actually leads all year round water only at high tide its impressive spectacle that has made him a well-known tourist destination. At the height of the water level the Ruacana cases are briefly even larger than the famous Victoria Falls.

An old concrete staircase leads down to the base of the falls. At high tide the descent due to the extreme force of the waterfalls (splash and flow ) and the dilapidated condition of the stairs is extremely dangerous.