Ruvyironza River


The Luvironza (also Ruvironza ) is now regarded as the source of the Nile, because its source is furthest from the mouth of the Nile away into the Mediterranean. It rises on the slopes of the homonymous mountain ( 2,700 m ) south of Rutovu.

In the search for the sources of the Nile discovered in 1893, the Austrian geographer and cartographer Oscar Baumann ( 1864-1899 ) the Luvironza source ( "By Massailand for source of the Nile ', 1894 ), whose geographical position until the year 1937 by Burkhart Waldecker ( 1902-1964) was specified. It is marked by a pyramid-shaped monument.

The Luvironza has a length of around 110 km and flows 10 km northeast of the provincial capital of Gitega in the Ruvuvu, a tributary of the Kagera River Nile.