The letter Š (lowercase š ) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, consisting of an S with caron. It is used mainly in Slavic and Baltic languages ​​. In most cases, the letter corresponds to the IPA According ʃ, the debate is therefore the same as the " Sch " in "school".

In the 15th century, the letter came with the reforms of Jan Hus first in the Czech language. 1830 took over Ljudevit Gaj the letters in the Croatian language. Later the letter has also been adopted in the related Bosnian and Slovenian language. Furthermore, the letter is used in Slovak, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and the two Sorbian languages. In Finnish, it occurs only in foreign words.

According to ISO 9 is the Š the transliteration of the Cyrillic Ш.

Display on the computer

Unicode contains Š to the code points U 0160 ( capital letter ) and U 0161 (lowercase ). In ISO 8859-2 the letter proves the points 0xA9 ( capital letter ) and 0xB9 (lowercase ).

In HTML you can with the Š Š or š form.

In TeX you can make the Š with the commands \ v S and \ vs.

( based on it for letters with diacritics, inter alia, see list of Latin -based alphabets )

Ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss ss fs ȿ ʂ ᵴ ᶊ Ꞩ ꞩ

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