S2 highway (Georgia)

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Mchareebi (regions):

  • Samegrelo and Upper Svaneti
  • Guria
  • Adjara

The S-2 (Georgian: ს -2 ) is a main road in Georgia along the Black Sea coast. It leads from the S-1 with Senaki via Poti and Batumi on the border of Turkey. In Turkey, the road leads on to the D010 to Trabzon.

The E97 runs between Senaki and Poti together with the S -2. From Poti the road is part of the E70.


The S2 was during the Soviet Union an important branch of M27, which ran from Baku to Novorossiysk. The road linked the port of Batumi and the border with Turkey. After 1991, the entire route in Georgia was numbered as S2. In Batumi, the S2 is partially developed with 2 × 2 lanes, but not in the status of a highway.

Big cities on the highway

  • Senaki
  • Poti
  • Supsa
  • Batumi