S5 (file format)

S5 stands for the Simple Standards -Based Slide Show System and is a presentation system based on XHTML to define presentation and the accompanying slides. It was designed by Eric Meyer as an alternative to the compatible Opera Show Format.

S5 is not a standalone presentation program, but a standard for representing presentations with standards-compliant browsers. All data can be stored in a single XHTML file as follows:


presentation title < / h1 >  
  • first item    
  • second item    
  • third item < / li >    
       Additional material in the handout ...   S5 presentations can be viewed in the modes Outline and Slide Show. Cascading style sheets are used to define display variants ( such as presentation on the screen and printing). Navigation controls, a dynamically generated slide list and access keys allow forward and back sheets.

    A version with a stronger semantic gravity is based on the XML microformat XOXO and used

  • instead of divs for the slides, and
      instead of a div for the entire presentation.

      On 28 July 2005, until then under a Creative Commons license ( Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0) was transferred Related S5 format by Eric Meyer with the version 1.1 in the public domain.

      On 17 July 2006 Ryan King s5project.org started as a community for the presentation software S5.

      In late 2006 launched Christian Effenberger S5 Reloaded as an extended version of S5 ( Automatic sequence, Scalable images, sound support, transition effects, new issues, etc.).

      Editors for S5

      Meanwhile, there are editors that you can create S5 presentations in the browser. These are mostly based on the Slimey project.

      In this presentation eyeOS program is already fixed component. For other content management systems, components or modules exist.