Sabin Berthelot

Sabin Berthelot ( born April 3, 1794 in Marseille, † November 10, 1880 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife) was a French naturalist and ethnologist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Berthel. ".

Life and work

Berthelot was the son of a Marseilles merchant. He joined the French Navy and served as a cadet during the Napoleonic Wars. After the abdication of Napoleon, he worked in the merchant shipping between Marseille and the West Indies. On the Canary Islands he first came in 1820, taught in a school and took over for Alonso de Nava y Grimón the supervision of the botanical garden Jardin de aclimatación de La Orotava. Together with Philip Barker Webb, he wrote a nine -volume Histoire Naturelle des Iles Canaries. In 1825 he was elected a member of the Scholars Academy Leopoldina. From 1867 he was French Consul in Tenerife.

Berthelot founded in 1845, the Société d' Ethnologique.

The Anthus berthelotii (Canary Islands Pieper, English -. Berthelot 's pipit ) is also named after him as the Canary foot trefoil Lotus berthelotii.


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