Sakunosuke Oda

Oda Sakunosuke (Japanese织田 作 之 助; born October 26, 1913 in Osaka, † January 10, 1947 in Tokyo ) was a Japanese writer.

Oda began studying at the University of Kyoto. A Hemorrhage forced him to abort the study and a two-year stay in the country. Even after he was unable to continue his studies and turned to the literature on. He wrote to Stendhal oriented novels and was recognized for his debut works Ame (雨, 1938) and Zokushū (俗 臭; 1939) for the Akutagawa Prize nominated. In 1940, Meoto zenzai (夫妇 善哉). Some of his works were banned during the Second World War in Japan. Oda died in 1947 in Tokyo as the result of a renewed hemorrhage. 1983 was donated in his memory the Oda Sakunosuke price. Dazai Osamu addition, Sakaguchi Ango and Ishikawa June Oda is counted to the group of writers Buraiha.


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