Sal Rei


Sal Rei (Portuguese salt - king, because of the salt deposits ) is a city in the northwest of the island of Boa Vista in the southeast of the Cape Verde Islands and serves as a district such as the island's capital. The city is the with 2122 inhabitants ( 2005) largest municipality of Cape Verde in the 18th century after Cidade Velha.

Sal Rei is on and connected thereto at the Island Highway to the locations Rabil and the nearest Norte. Sal Rei has run a pretty harbor on the bay, with ferries to the islands of Santiago Praia, Sal Santa Maria and Maio with Vila do Maio. To the west lies the island of Sal Rei, which is partly sandy, partly covered with grass. To the north and northeast are the mountains and further north the Ponta do Sol and Cabo Santa Maria. To Sal lying around a level and in the south of Praia da Chave, which serves as a city beach. The country is very dry, it is rocky and uncultivated and there are few farms in the area of the village.

The road conditions are modest; Hotels, restaurants and bars provide the main livelihood after agriculture and other small businesses. The buildings are located mainly on the bay. There is a football team called Académica Sal - Rei.

Parts of the population have left the island in the direction of other islands and around the world. The income ratios are moderate to poor.



Sal Rei has a school / collegiate, the only secondary school on the island and a gymnasium, churches, banks and some Praças (especially church courts).

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