Samad Vurgun

Səməd vurgun (also Sämäd vurgun, Russian Самед Вургун / Samed Wurgun, born Səməd Vəkilov, Russian Самед Векилов / Samed Wekilow; † 27 May 1956 Baku, born March 21, 1906 in Qazax ) was a famous Azerbaijani poet, workers of Arts of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic and a member of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. For his dramas vurgun was twice awarded the State Prize of the USSR; 1941 for Vaqif (1937) and 1942 və for Fərhad Şirin ( 1941).

His first poem published vurgun 1924. Azerbaijan The State Theatre of Russian Drama and streets in Baku and Moscow are named after vurgun. In addition, the Armenian city Howk was temporarily named after him.