Santa Margarida Volcano

Aerial view of the Santa Margarida volcano

Ermita de Santa Margarida in Vulkankraterbdep2

The Santa Margarida volcano, in Catalan Volcán de Santa Margarida, is an extinct volcano in the northeast of Catalonia (Spain). It lies between Olot and Santa Pau and is considered part of the Volcanic Area Natural Park of the Garrotxa, a popular tourist destination. Its last eruption was about 11,000 years ago.

The volcano with a height of 682 meters is covered by forests (including chestnuts, pines and oaks ). A circular volcanic crater is located at the tip with a diameter of about 300 meters.

In the crater is the only building the Romanesque church of Santa Margarida. On the northern edge of the crater there is a restaurant, which is accessible to the Cami del Volcán de Santa Margarida.