SBB (band)

SBB (originally an abbreviation for Silesian Blues band, and later for Szukaj, Burz, Buduj ( Search, Break, Build or Search, Break & Build) is a Polish rock band.

The band was founded in 1969 in Siemianowice Śląskie. Initiator was the keyboardist and bass guitarist Józef Skrzek, who also took over the vocals. To him came the guitarist Apostolis Apostolis and drummer Jerzy Piotrowski. Initially they played mainly blues. Between 1971 and 1973 the band collaborated with the then most innovative Polish rock musician Czeslaw Niemen, which they recorded four albums under the band name Niemen. In 1974 she decided to take up its own LP entitled SBB. It originated as a recording of two concerts in Warsaw and was characterized in that genre boundaries are irrelevant to her. The band performed at the national Festival of Polish Song in Opole in 1974 and at the Jazz Jamboree in 1974 and 1975 and was acclaimed by the audience stormy; perhaps also because they are so "west " sounded like no other Polish group before. There followed the first international appearances, including still 1974 in Frankfurt am Main.

The next LPs were characterized by few but long out pieces that were sung mostly in English. Extended instrumental passages with extensive solos and elements of progressive rock influence the music, individual pieces occasionally filled an entire LP side (as with the 1977 plate) and were further developed by free improvisation in concert. The stylistic range was supplemented on the AMIGA publication from 1978 to fleet-footed radio in the radio-friendly song format. The last panel of the first phase SBB was created under the title Memento z banalnym tryptykiem in 1980, the year of preliminary resolution SBB.

Later, there were four attempts of revival, in the years 1991, 1993, 1998 and 2000. The old LPs are processed sound and to bonus tracks extended to CD again accessible, and from the archives are historical recordings published (such as the concert in Carlstadt 1975 in which the band beyond all song structures for 44 minutes spontaneously improvised ).

Currently occurs with Skrzek and Apostolis on the American drummer Paul Wertico of the Pat Metheny Group. The group also released a new studio material.


Czesław Niemen with:

  • Strange is the World
  • Ode to Venus
  • Niemen vol. 1
  • Niemen vol. 2



  • 2004 Follow My Dream
  • 2006 Live 1979
  • 2007 Four Decades
  • 2009 Behind The Iron Curtain