The Jura -Simplon -Bahn (JS) ordered shortly before the takeover by the Swiss Federal Railways ( SBB) an express train steam locomotive of type A 3/5.


The A 3/ 5 was originally ordered by the Jura -Simplon -Bahn (JS ), but only the first two machines were delivered in 1902 to the JS. After nationalization in 1903, the SBB took this from the Jura - Simplon railway and ordered even more than a hundred locomotives to. A total of 111 were built.

Two machines were equipped from the factory in 1907 a Brotankessel. They were queued for delivery as 651 and 652 in 1913 and renumbered 810 and 811.

The A 3/5 possessed drive wheels with a diameter of 1780 mm and had a maximum boiler pressure of 15 bar. So they reached a high for that time Swiss standards top speed of 100 km / h

The locomotives owned a wet steam, four-cylinder compound engine, which technically obsolete during the delivery period by the introduction of overheating in Dampflokomotivbau. Due to their reliability, they were nevertheless procured until 1909 in large numbers. The two pilot series of fitted with superheaters successor, the SBB A 3 / 5501-502 and SBB A 3 / 5601-649 appeared only in 1907. The serial version of the SBB A 3 / 5601-649 was then built from 1910.


68 locomotives were 1913-1923 subsequently a Schmidt's superheater installed. At 22, he had 21 machines, 46 machines 24 superheater elements. In this case, no major changes were made to the machine, only the HD slide were replaced by those made of phosphor bronze with improved lubrication.


The A 3/5 is next to the Gotthard locomotive C 5/ 6, the most famous Swiss Railways steam locomotive. Today only the # 705 is obtained. It belongs to the Heritage Foundation (SBB Historic) and is operational.