SBB Ee 3/3 IV

The Ee 3/3IV is the most advanced Ee 3/3 and designed to be used in the border stations. The complicated technology for four current systems forced higher and wider bodies before and behind the cab and led to lower performance. At the same time, thanks to the modern coupling rod drive the speed limit to 60 km / h it was to be raised.


The Ee 3/3IV are at border stations to France and Italy in use (mainly Geneva ), where they take largely the same tasks as the Ee 3 /3 System. All machines were equipped in 1994 with a multi- control ( analogous to the Ee 3/3II ). In the course of the renovation were fitted with new running numbers ( Ee 934), which, however, are still running after the '88 draft and would be different today.

It was when an SBB BDe 4/4II was in the shop, even for regular passenger services between Geneva and La Plaine, whose distance is below the French electricity system used.