SC 04 Schwabach

The SC 04 Schwabach is a sports club from Schwabach in Middle Franconia.

The association has established its roots in 1897 under the name Club athletes GERMANIA Sports Club, founded in 1904, and the workers TV Schwabach. The name of SC 04 Schwabach carries the club only since the merger of the clubs TSV 04 Schwabach Schwabach 1897 and 1 SC in 1996.

The club offers its members the following sports as field of activity: badminton, boxing, fist ball, football, gymnastics, handball, Ju-Jitsu, Karate, Sports bowling, Tae- kwon -do, table tennis and gymnastics.


The predecessor TSV 04 Schwabach played from 1951 to 1955 and after direct revival from 1956 to 1963 in the third-class Bavarian League before the renewed descent took place in the national league middle. Only after the merger to SC 04 Schwabach managed under coach Manfred Ritschel 1998, the rise and the return to the Bavarian League, where the team with a third place achieved the greatest success the club's history in the first season. Again in 2005 the club was relegated in the national league.


The stadium of the SC 04 Schwabach holds 4,780 spectators. These can be spread over 4,000 standing and 780 covered seats.

The complex has a small electronic scoreboard to display the results and floodlights.


  • Rise in the Bavarian League: 1998

Well-known former players

  • Adam Szolc
  • Egon Loy
  • Manfred Ritschel
  • Paul Derbfuß
  • Thomas Richter
  • Marc Oechler
  • Jürgen falter
  • Stefan Hampl
  • Bernd Müller
  • Jim Patrick Müller
  • Andreas Nägelein
  • Bernhard Bergmann