Seinen manga

His [ ː nə ˌ sɛ n] (Japanese青年, dt " young man " ) is known in the West primarily as a term for a manga category. In other spelling of his kanji (成年) is also called adult and Hentai Manga. The female counterpart to his is Josei.

The target group is mostly men aged 18 to 30 years, however, many his manga, which often deal with normal business people, even to men aged 40 years or judge. Manga for boys under 18 years are referred to as Shōnen. His manga like Monster, Eagle or Naru Taru sell in Germany not particularly good, because the target audience does not count for the often challenging content than the typical shōnen or shōjo manga to the typical manga buyers.

His Famous Japanese magazines include Morning, Afternoon, Young Jump and Big Comic.

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