Semliki River

The 230 km long Semliki is the only outlet of the East African Eduard lake and one of the tributaries of Lake Albert.

The Semliki entfließt the Eduardsee at its northwestern shore, located on the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo ( " DRC " ), and forms the boundary to the north of Uganda to DR Congo. The Semliki flows on this land border, east and parallel to the elongated Central African threshold and within the East African grave breach in the north. In this western branch of the East African grave breach is an elongated chain of lakes connected by rivers. The Semliki connects the Eduardsee with Lake Albert. The valley is flanked on the west by the Central African threshold, to the east by a chain of volcanic mountains.

In and near the river live elephants, crocodiles and antelopes. At its mouth it forms a small delta, where the Ambatch, a fast growing, thorny tree, and papyrus grows.

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