Sarventikar from east

Sarventikar, (also Serventikar, Servantikar, Sarovantari, Savouran Kale, turkish Savranda Kalesi, Armenian: Սառվանդօ or Սառվանդիքար ) was a medieval small Armenian city in Cilicia, the place Kalecik in the central district of the Turkish province of Osmaniye.


Sarventikar is about 500 meters high near the Amano - gate on a mountain plateau above the modern Kalecik Reservoir ( Kalecik Baraji ) and played an important role in the defense of the kingdom of Lesser Armenia against attacks from the east.


Sarventikar was in 1266, 1275 and 1299 unsuccessfully besieged. In 1337 it fell within the scope of a peace treaty between Leon V. and the Mamluks of Egypt.


Only the shallow east side was secured with a wall and semicircular towers. There was only one goal. The upper castle was surrounded by a wall and protected by four rectangular towers. Cisterns provided the water supply.