Osmaniye Province

Osmaniye is a province of Turkey. Its capital is the same Osmaniye.

The province has 452 880 inhabitants ( 2007 census ) in an area of ​​3189 km ². It borders the provinces of Hatay, Gaziantep, Adana and Kahramanmaras.

In the Ottoman Empire Osmaniye had the rank of a Sanjak. With the establishment of Turkey in 1923 was Osmaniye Province. However, as of June 1, 1933, the province was downgraded to a county, and connected the province of Adana. A law of 24 October 1996 Osmaniye was established as a province again. In the years 1910-1932 Cebelibereket was the name of the administrative unit.


The province is subdivided into 7 districts ( Ilce ):

Famous people

  • Kürşat ATILGAN, politicians and members of parliament of the MHP
  • Samet Aybaba, football coach and former football player
  • Devlet Bahceli, Chairman of the MHP
  • Volkan Bekiroğlu, football player
  • İbrahim Serhat Canbolat, political analyst and writer
  • Yaşar Kemal, writer
  • Ümit broom, singer