Kayseri Province

Kayseri is a province of Turkey. Its capital is Kayseri.

The province has 1,255,349 inhabitants ( 2011 census ) in an area of ​​17,170 km ². Thus, it has a population density of about 73 inhabitants / km ². It borders the provinces of Sivas, Adana, Nigde, Kahramanmaras, Yozgat and Nevşehir.


85 % of the population live in the city and 15 % in rural areas. Kayseri has 16 counties with a total of 425 villages. The counties are as follows:

Source: Website of the Province


At an altitude of 3916 m is the Erciyes Dagi, the highest mountain in the province. It provides space for mountaineering and winter tourism. Other mountains are the south west Aladağ ( 3,735 m) and the Dumanlı Dağları ( 3,024 m ) west of Sariz. The most important lakes are the Camız Gölü, Çöl Gölü, SARIGÖL, Yay Gölü and also used for salt extraction Tuzla Gölü. There are also dams and ponds. In 2005, the Yamula Baraji ( reservoir) was completed, which covers an area of 85 km ² and is thus the largest in the province. Main river is the Kizilirmak. It crosses with a length of 128 km, the province. Tributaries are the Sarımsaklı ( 55.km ) Kestuvan (48 km) and the Değirmendere (32 km). The levels include the Develi ( 1050 km ²), Sarımsaklı - (300 km ²), Karasaz - (80 km ² ) and the Palas - level (50 km ²). The province consists mostly of steppe landscape, in a few areas it is forested. The forest cover consists of larch, spruce, fir and oak. 40 % of the total land area is used as arable land. 40% pasture, 6% forest.

Yamula Baraji ( reservoir)

Level before the Erciyes Dagi

Typical landscape

Typical landscape


Source: Devlet Su İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü