Bayburt Province

Bayburt is a province of Turkey, with the same capital Bayburt.

The province has 76 609 inhabitants ( 2007 census ) in an area of ​​4043 km ². It is bordered to the west by the province Gümüşhane, to the east by Erzurum, Trabzon and Rize to the north and south to Erzincan. Bayburt is an autonomous province only since 21 June 1989. From 1923 to 1989, there was a part of the province Gümüşhane.

Currently, Bayburt is the province with the smallest population of Turkey.

In the province of Bayburt, there was the Armenian Varzahan Monastery ( Uğrak Kiliseleri ).


The province is subdivided into three counties. These are:

  • Aydintepe
  • Bayburt
  • Demirözü