Batman Province

Batman (Kurdish Êlih ) is a province in the south-east Turkey, north of the Dicle ( Tigris ). To the north lies Muş, Diyarbakır west, east and south of Bitlis and Siirt Mardin. It is named after the river Batman. The province had in the year 2010 510.200 inhabitants and an area of approximately 4654 km ². Provincial capital is the same Batman, the license plate is 72


The counties of the province of Batman are:

  • Batman
  • Besiri ( kurd. Qubin )
  • Gercüş ( kurd. Kercos or Kercews )
  • Hasankeyf ( kurd. Hesenkêf or Heskîf )
  • Kozluk ( kurd. Hezo )
  • Sason ( kurd. Qabilcewz )


In the province of majority Kurds live. There are also Zazas and Turks. In Batman still exist, especially in the north, a few Turkmen Alevitendörfer. The vast majority of the population is Sunni Islam. Alevi Muslims, there are among the Zaza and the Turkmen. Yezidi Kurds form another denomination, but most Yazidis have moved away from Batman. Gercüş has for centuries a considerable number of Mhallami - Arabs. The villages and small towns Kayapinar, Yenice and Yolağzı have a large Arab population.


The Batman province is the center of the Turkish oil industry, the oil refinery was established in 1955. A 494 km long pipeline connects with Batman Iskenderun on the Mediterranean. In agriculture, cotton is mainly produced. There is a rail link to Diyarbakir and Elazig.

Local attractions include the Imam Abdullah Monastery and the bridges of Camiü'r Rizk and Hasankeyf.