Mardin Province

Mardin (Arabic ماردين, DMG Mardin, Aramaic ܡ ܪ ܕ ܝ ܢ Merdin, Kurdish Merdin ) is a province in southern Turkey on the border with Syria. The name comes from the Mardin Syrian Merde and means roughly castle. The capital is the city of Mardin. The Mardin Province is bordered on the west by the province of Şanlıurfa, on the north by the provinces of Diyarbakir and Batman, and on the east by the provinces of Sirnak and Siirt.

The capital is with 82 134 inhabitants, the largest city of the province, on the 8891 km ² comprises 745 778 inhabitants ( 2007). The province forms a transition between the mountainous Anatolia and the plains of Mesopotamia and has few mountains, some of which are over 1000 m high.


In Mardin Kurds, Arabs, Turks, and Syrians / Assyrians live.

Most of posts originating from Mardin Yazidis (approx. 40,000 ) emigrated. Of the once tens of thousands of Syrians are still living at most a few hundred in Mardin. In addition to live here Islamized Syrians, called Mhallami.


The current governor of the province is Hasan Duruer.

In 1997 the governor a ban against the monasteries of Mor Gabriel and Zafaran to accommodate foreign guests and to provide language teaching in Aramaic as well as religious instruction, adopted. International protests have now causes the accommodation ban is lifted. Mother tongue teaching in Aramaic but is still prohibited.


The area has been from time immemorial the connection between the Mesopotamian and Anatolian cultures and settlement of the Arab-speaking ethnic group of Mhallami.


Tourist this area is mainly known through the old city of Mardin and Tur Abdin. Two of the oldest Christian monasteries ( Dayro d' Mor Hananyo and Dayro d' Mor Gabriel ), Siltan - Şêxmûs (about 20 km towards Diyarbakir ) and Küferdel (ruins of an ancient city, about 15 km north of Mardin, Diyarbakır direction / Stewrê ) are located in this province. The name comes from the Aramaic word Mardin ܡ ܶ ܪ ܕ ܺ ܝ ܢ for " castles " and illustrates very well the situation of the city. Moreover, the name means Mardin in Kurdish " heroic ".


The province consists of the counties

  • Dargeçit ( Aramaic: ܟ ܪ ܒ ܘ ܪ ܢ " Kerboran " kurd Kerboran. )
  • Derik ( Aramaic: ܖ ܪ ܝ ܟ ܐ Dêrike, kurd Dêrik. )
  • Kızıltepe ( kurd. Qoser )
  • Mardin ( Aramaic: ܡ ܶ ܪ ܕ ܺ ܝ ܢ Mardin )
  • Mazıdağı ( kurd. Şemrex )
  • Midyat ( Aramaic: ܡ ܕ ܝ ܕ Mëḏyaḏ, kurd Midyad. )
  • Nusaybin ( Aramaic: ܢ ܨ ܝ ܒ ܝ ܢ Nisibin, kurd Nisêbîn; historically Nisibis. )
  • Ömerli ( Aramaic: ܡ ܐ ܥ ܣ ܪ ܜ ܐ Ma'asarte, kurd Mehsertê. )
  • Savur ( kurd. Stewr )
  • Yeşilli ( kurd. Rişmil )