Giresun Province

Giresun is a province of Turkey. It is located in north-eastern Turkey on the Black Sea. The following provinces border Giresun: Trabzon, Gümüşhane, Sivas, Erzincan and Ordu.

Typical of the whole of the eastern Black Sea coast of Turkey are the mountain ranges and mountains of Pontus Mountains, which extend to the coast of the Black Sea. For this impressive landscape, the region, not only in Turkey, known. Flat surfaces in the city of Giresun is found only on the narrow coastal strip and between the two rivers and estuaries of the Batlama and Aksu. About two kilometers off the coast Giresuns is the small island of Giresun Adası ( Aretias ). According to Greek mythology, to be met on this island Heracles the Amazons.


The Giresun province consists of the counties of:

  • Giresun
  • Alucra
  • Bulancak
  • Çamoluk
  • Çanakçı
  • Dereli
  • Dogankent
  • Espiye
  • Eynesil
  • Görele
  • Güce
  • Piraziz
  • Şebinkarahisar
  • Tirebolu
  • Yağlıdere


The population consists of Turks and hydrolases.


In Giresun is located with Fiskobirlik one of the largest hazelnut factories in Turkey. They sold alongside fresh hazelnuts and chocolate hazelnut cream, hazelnut oils and Fındık ezmesi called Haselnussmus.

Landscape and Climate

The city has a very rich agriculture and builds most of hazelnuts in Turkey. Cultivation of walnuts and cherries as well as the manufacture of leather and timber, there are also in Giresun. The climate in Giresun is moist and mild.

Interesting places

The forest recreation sites on the island before Giresun, Kulakkaya, Dokuzgöze, Salon Çayırı, the sandy beach of the city, the castle of Giresun (Kale), Arda, Kaledere, Kusluhan, Undoz, Eynesil, Şebinkarahisar, center ( Saint Jean) and Bedrama (Bodrum ).

The churches and monasteries of Meryem Ana in Giresun, Hisarköy ( Dereli ) and Şebinkarahisar, the yellow church, the mosques of Hacı Hüseyin, Hacı Mikdad, Fahreddin Behramsah, Fatih and Kurşunlu, Tas masjid, the bathhouse and fountains of Kurşunlu, the fountain of Pertevniyal that Tashans, Tirebolu Kalesi (Castle).

Important events

Local Festivals

  • Atatürk's arrival in Giresun on September 19
  • Atatürk's arrival in Sebinkarahisar on 11 October


Aksu Culture and Art Festival ( beginning at the mouth of the River Aksu and will be continued in the city) 20th - 23rd May


  • Sisdag; Otcu celebration; Sis plateau; Last week in July
  • Kümbet plateau celebration; Kümbet plateau; 2nd week in July
  • Seyh Mahmut Cagirtan celebration; Çamoluk; 2nd week in July
  • Bulancak cultural and artistic celebration; Bulancak Erikli village; 22 of 27. July
  • Çamoluk Honey Festival; Çamoluk; September 30
  • Bektas plateau hard; Bektas plateau; First week in August

Famous people

  • Andranik Ozanian, Armenian general, rebel leader and resistance fighter
  • Osman Aga, actor of the First World War and the Turkish War of Independence
  • Gökdeniz Karadeniz, football player
  • Avni Kertmen, badminton player
  • Tolga Seyhan, football player
  • Ozan Arif, musicians
  • Teoman Yakupoğlu, Rock Musician