Manisa Province

Manisa is a province of Turkey with an area of ​​13,120 km ² and a population of approximately 1,340,000 people, of which about 300,000 live in the provincial capital of Manisa.

The province is bordered by the south-east to north-west of İzmir, in the north of Balıkesir, in the east of Kutahya and Usak and finally in the south of Denizli and Aydın. By 1920, the ( derived from the Saruchanidendynastie ) Title Saruhan was used for the province.

The population density is 100 inhabitants / km ². The license plate has the number 45


The province is divided into the following districts:

  • Gölmarmara
  • Gördes
  • Kirkagac
  • Köprübaşı