Denizli Province

Denizli is a Turkish province in western Asia Minor with 11,868 km ² and a population of approximately 950,000 people, of which about 510,000 live in the provincial capital of Denizli.

The license plate number of the province and the city starting with the number 20


The province is bounded on the north of Manisa and Usak, in the east of Afyonkarahisar and Burdur, in the south of Muğla and to the west of Aydın. The landscape is particularly marked by mountains. There are eight mountains that are over 2000 meters high and five mountains that are over 1000 m high. The highest is the Honaz Dagi, which is 2528 m high, followed by the peaks Akdağ ( 2449 m), Bozdağ ( 2419 m) ​​, Babadag ( 2308 m), Karcı Dagi ( 2308 meters), Sandıras Dagi ( 2294 meters), Eşeler Dagi ( 2,254 m ) and Kızılhisar Dagi ( 2241 meters ). The highest is Mount Eintausender Beşparmak Dagi ( 1,612 m).

The Denizli province is from the broad valley of the Great Meander (Turkish: Büyuk Menderes ) dominated the Denizli at a striking Talgabelung with three tributaries has. The local upper reaches of the Great meander formed in ancient Asia Minor, the transition region of the former empires (or provinces ) of Phrygia and Caria.

By province leads the European route E87 and a similar running railway line. The E87 runs from Izmir and Denizli, Aydın on to Antalya.

The airport is Denizli Çardak national commercial airport recently. A new terminal was opened recently and the rest of the airport was renovated and modernized.


In general, the region has a mild climate. However, it is rough in height. Temperatures can reach up to 45 ˚ C and in winter drop to -10 ˚ C during the summer. There are about 80 days with precipitation, mainly during the winter.


The province is divided into 19 counties.

  • Acıpayam
  • Akköy
  • Babadağ
  • Baklan
  • Bekilli
  • Beyağaç
  • Bozkurt
  • Buldan
  • Çal
  • Çameli
  • Çardak
  • Çivril
  • Denizli
  • Güney
  • Honaz
  • Kale
  • Sarayköy
  • Serinhisar
  • Tavas


In the province live mainly Sunni Turks. There are also Alevi Turks in the villages Ada, Dereçiftlik, Kızılyer, Kocabaş and Uyanık. In addition, in the two villages Hayriye and Sigma Circassians and in the two villages Aşağışamlı and Yukarışamlı Arabs and Kurds are located.

Culture and sights

The main tourist attraction of the province is Pamukkale ( Cotton Castle for Turkish ). Near this small town north of the river valley have been formed by calcium deposits from abundant hot springs a series of impressive limestone terraces.

These terraces on the slopes of the mountain Çökelez on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage; until a few years ago was allowed to bathe in them. The leaking water is 35 ° C and a pH of 6

Is another attraction The nearby Hierapolis (Greek for Holy City ). The ancient town has an extensive, well-preserved necropolis with tombs diverse types. Also on display are a large theater for 15,000 persons, Temple of Apollo, plutonium, the Philip 's Church and city walls, baths and gymnasium.

In the province there are also some of the seven churches of early Christianity, including Laodicea on the Lycus and the ancient city of Colossae in the highlands at Honaz. At the local community of the Apostle Paul addressed one of his letters about the year 60.

When Yenice village you will find remains of the ancient city of Tripoli.

Other attractions include the caravanserais of Akhan and Çardak and the settlement mound of Beycesultan with his excavations.


The province and the city of Denizli is famous in Turkey for the Denizli - Kräher (Turkish Denizli Horozu ) taps above. The Denizli - Kräher, together with the calcium formations of Pamukkale, the symbol of the province. This breed is one of the oldest Langkräherrassen the world. The typical Denizli Rooster has black eyes, dark gray legs, a long neck and a red comb. It weighs 3 to 3.5 kg, and has a characteristic crows.

In the province of wine is grown and used in textile industry.

Famous people

  • Baki Adam, religious scholars and writers
  • Sezen Aksu, singer
  • Emin Haluk Ayhan, Turkish politicians and members of parliament of the MHP
  • Hasan Güngör, Ringer
  • Bayram Sit, Ringer
  • Yusuf Tavaslı, writer and Islamic scholar
  • Muhittin Tekin, football player
  • Hasan Ali Toptas, writer
  • Hüseyin Yılmaz, physicists
  • Nihat Zeybekci, politicians, business leaders and Mayor of Denizli
  • Hacı Mehmet Zorlu, entrepreneurs
  • Ahmet Nazif Zorlu, entrepreneurs