Kocaeli Province

Kocaeli is a Turkish province with its capital in İzmit. The province is highly industrialized and has marked the highest gross domestic product in Turkey, it is very multi-cultural per capita. Kocaeli is bordered to the west by the city of Istanbul, in the north to the Black Sea and in the south west to the Sea of ​​Marmara, which forms the Gulf of İzmit here.

In Kocaeli live according to the census in 2011 1.499.958 people.


The province is divided into the districts of:

  • Başiskele
  • Çayırova
  • Darıca
  • Derince
  • Dilovasi
  • Gebze
  • Gölcük
  • İzmit ( Merkez )
  • Kandıra
  • Karamürsel
  • Kartepe
  • Körfez