SFG is an abbreviation for:

  • Saar Forschungsgemeinschaft ( SFG ), a 1925 to 1935 in the Saar existing Science Association
  • Saxony Financial Group, the managing company of the savings banks in Saxony and Sachsen LB
  • Saint Martin in Guadeloupe Airport to the IATA code
  • Swabian research community, a regional studies research facility in Augsburg
  • Solidarity Pact continuation law, the law for the continuation of the Solidarity Pact, the restructuring of the federal revenue sharing and for handling the "German Unity Fund " in 2001
  • Socialist Free Trade Union, a German trade union
  • Savings Banks Finance Group
  • Special Force Group in military affairs, see Special Forces
  • Sportfluggruppe
  • Styrian Business Promotion Agency, see Styrian Business Promotion
  • Sum frequency generation, an optical process, which is used among other things for the analysis of boundary surfaces, see sum frequency vibrational spectroscopy
  • Sylt Airport GmbH, airport operator, see Sylt Airport
  • Systemic- functional grammar, a grammatical model in linguistics

SfG stands for:

  • Basel School of Design, an art college in Switzerland
  • School of Design Ravensburg
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