SG -1000 (which stands for Sega Game 1000; japエスジー·セン, esu jī sen ), published in 1983 in Japan, was the first video game console released by Sega. This was released on the same day as Nintendo's Famicom.

General Information

As a predecessor of the Master System SG -1000 was the first video game console released by Sega and already appeared in 1983. The controller of this system had a digital joystick and one button, similar to the controller of the Atari 2600. Later that year published Sega a home computer version the console with keyboard and cassette drive. For the SC -3000 and the extension SF- 7000, which extended the console in addition to an RS -232 port and a Centronics interface ( parallel port ) appeared. The device also has a twice as large memory as the SG -1000. In 1984, then appeared the SG -1000 II (or Sega Mark II ), a slightly modified version of the SG -1000 can be connected to the external keyboard (SK- 1100).

The SG -1000 was intended as competition for the Atari VCS 2600 console.

All of these variants of the game console were backwards compatible with the SG -1000, published for the most games.

In 1985, the successor to the Sega Mark III, one for SG -1000 backward-compatible version of the master system.

SG -1000 II

In July 1984, Sega released an update of the device under the name SG -1000 II Technically, it was identical to the SG -1000, however, the housing had been revised and the connection for the SK -1100 keyboard was of the back of the unit to the Front has been added. Likewise, the controller has been revised, which was no longer firmly attached to the console. At launch, the unit cost ¥ 15,000 (about 180 U.S. $).


Sega started well before the publication of the SG -1000 in the arcade area, which is why many reactions appeared from the arcade.

A total of 200 games were released, the game production was officially discontinued in 1987.



  • CPU: Z -80A at 3.58 MHz
  • Graphics: Texas Instruments TMS9918A
  • Main memory (RAM): 8Kbit ( 1 kilobyte )
  • Video Memory: 16 kilobyte
  • Screen resolution: 256 × 192 pixels with 16 colors
  • Sound: Texas Instruments SN76489A